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Ultimate Logistics has the Warehousing, warehouse management, and Distribution Services you need to store your products safely and securely, keep track of inventory and schedule them for on-time delivery to your customers. Our warehousing solutions are flexible and offer you the possibility to store your products at multiple locations. The benefit of this is faster delivery without the additional expenses you would incur when managing various warehouses in-house. In addition, not having to worry about managing your warehouses means that you can focus your valuable time on your core business and your customers

What is Warehousing?

Warehousing is the process of storing physical goods before they are sold or further distributed in a dedicated warehouse or storage facility. Therefore, warehousing is a vital part of your supply chain.

Business owners may do warehousing inventory from home for small or new businesses until they outgrow the space. Then, as business and demand grow, they will have to lease the warehouse space or outsource logistics to a third party and store inventory in their warehousing facilities.

In e-commerce, products are stored until an order is placed online. At this point, the order is shipped directly to the consumer from the warehouse and distribution center. In traditional retail, companies may temporarily store inventory in a warehouse before it's shipped to a brick and mortar store.

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Inventory Control

Businesses can use warehousing services to control inventory and inventory management, giving your business a competitive advantage. Companies and retailers utilize warehouse counts to analyze the demand and the delivery of goods to consumers or retail locations. Inventory information gives a business a clear view of what products are moving and which are not. Inventory control allows you to adjust your ordering to ensure you have enough supply for the demand without overstocking inventory that is not moving. Inventory control also makes it easy for companies to eliminate and reduce receiving errors. Errors in stock based on lack of management can lead to wasted money and frustrated consumers who cannot acquire the goods they desire.

Inventory control is monitored by our proprietary warehouse management system.  This system is exclusive to Ultimate Logistics and, as such, can be customized to meet your specific requirements. It can perform:

  • Bar code scanning

  • Live online inventory access

  • Real time inventory quantities

  • Digital pictures of all freight

  • Management reporting

  • Electronic ASN uploads

  • Customer service controls

  • Delivery scheduling

Our system has the same look and feel of any other
e-commerce website. Users feel comfortable pointing and clicking through our interface as it displays up to date inventory quantities and other product information.


The whole system can be setup to be displayed by login and is completely searchable. Once an item is selected, all of that items information is displayed, including photograph and scheduled kill date.

Ultimate Logistics Uses Advanced Warehousing Technology

All our warehouses are equipped with the latest technology to keep your products well organized, safe, secure, and ready to pick and ship. 

Technology benefits and features:

  • Security and alarm systems

  • Warehouse optimization and management system

  • Barcode technology

  • Automated scheduling

  • Complete fulfillment services

  • Improves order picking process

  • Inventory count and control

Contract Warehousing


Contract warehousing is a service given to companies desiring to establish distribution centers in certain regions. Contract warehousing is popular with startups and businesses experiencing fast growth. It may also be required in areas where real estate is at a premium and storage can not be kept on-site in a cost-effective manner. Whether due to space restrictions or the cost of real estate, companies may lack the financial resources to set up their own warehouses. Building a warehouse from the ground up takes time and resources, which business owners could use to build your business. Companies must reach their consumers as fast as possible in today's competitive business environment before competitors infiltrate the same niche.


Cross-docking allows clients to route products from one or multiple manufacturing sites to a strategically located distribution center. When goods arrive from manufacturing centers, they are loaded into various shipments and delivered to consumers or retail outlets.

Final Mile Transport

Ultimate Logistics also offers a wide variety of shipping services. Ultimate Logistics has you covered whether you need products delivered from the warehouse to a retail location or sent the final mile to the consumer within the Northeast, Midwest, and Mid-Atlantic regions. The combination of warehousing and shipping within a geographic area can differentiate the success and failure of any business.

Warehousing affects every business that sells products. Choosing the right warehousing solution can help save money, meet customer demand, and drive efficiencies. Working with a third-party logistics company is very common for e-commerce businesses that don't want to or can't afford to manage a warehouse themselves.

Contact Ultimate Logistics

Ultimate Logistics has partnered with nationwide warehouse providers with a strong presence in every primary market as your logistics company. As a result, we can help you shorten the time from your customer placing their order to receiving their product. In addition, decentralizing your inventory and having smaller quantities of your products spread out over multiple warehouses means that the final mile distance to your customer is shorter. As a result, your products get to their destinations faster. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for more information.

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