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Fleet Replacement, Dedicated Fleet Services, and Fleet Outsourcing

For most businesses, mainly seasonal or rapidly growing businesses, it may not make sense to maintain and staff a fleet of vehicles. Instead, significantly reduce costs by supplementing or replacing your fleet with Ultimate Logistics fleet replacement services.

Maintaining Fleet Vehicles is Expensive

If you keep and maintain a fleet of vehicles, you appreciate how expensive it is. Fuel and maintenance costs can add up and cut into your bottom line. As your fleet ages, your operating costs continue to increase. Maintenance and repairs costs can easily exceed your budget. Having a cost-effective vehicle replacement strategy is vital to controlling costs.

The cost of maintaining a fleet is not just in maintenance and repair costs. An aging fleet will cost you in several ways.

  • As your fleet ages, the vehicle's fair market value decreases, so it is more difficult to recoup costs when you sell off your aging vehicles.

  • Aging vehicles require more maintenance. For every minute, hour, or day of vehicle downtime, you are losing money and productivity.

  • Older vehicles lose efficiency. Fuel costs can increase 20% or more over the life of a vehicle.

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Ultimate Logistics Will Supplement Your Fleet

Fleet vehicle replacement is a significant concern. Figuring out how large of a fleet of vehicles you need can also be challenging. Most businesses are not steady throughout the year. There are times when you may need more vehicles on the road. Suppose your fleet is not large enough to handle the busiest times of the year. In that case, you risk late deliveries, overworked drivers, and increased operating costs. You multiply your problems if one of your vehicles breaks down during peak time.

On the other hand, if you maintain a fleet capable of handing your busiest time, a good portion of your fleet will remain idle during the slow months. Even if a vehicle is not on the road, it still costs you money.

Ultimate Logistics is your solution. We offer a highly flexible and competitive fleet of vehicles with drivers who are insured, bonded, trained, and background checked. Backed by our fleet management software, including a mobile technology platform and real-time GPS tracking, we can operate our fleet very cost-effectively and meet your shipping requirements.

Fleet Replacement and Outsourcing


Whether your fleet consists of aging vehicles or you are considering buying a fleet of trucks, Ultimate Logistics is here for you. Outsourcing your fleet operations to us will help you control costs and save money. No more maintenance and repair expenses. No more fuel expenses.

You will no longer have to worry about having enough trucks for busy periods or idle vehicles during the slow times. We can adapt to match your peak volumes while at the same time making sure that you will never have to pay for excess capacity during quieter periods.

Our Fleet Services include:

  • Fleet Replacement

  • Dedicated fleet Services

  • Fleet outsourcing

  • Full Fleet Backup Coverage 


Fleet Outsourcing Advantages:

  • Reduced costs

  • No driver downtime

  • Pay only for the work performed

  • Fully trained client-specific backup driver teams

  • Vehicle maintenance, insurance, fuel costs all included

Contact Ultimate Logistics

Don't hesitate to get in touch with Ultimate Logistics to discuss the possibilities of fleet replacement or outsourcing for your business. 

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