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LTL Services

LTL Freight Shipping, or less-than-truckload, is a process in which we transport less than a full truckload of freight.  The LTL freight could range from an individual parcel of almost any size to a whole pallet of goods or even multiple pallets. With LTL Shipping, the shipper pays for the portion of a standard truck trailer their freight occupies, while other shippers and their shipments fill the unoccupied space.  Therefore, LTL shipments can reduce your freight charges since you are only paying for the area you are using.

LTL Shipping is Safe, Secure, and Saves You Money

In most cases, we can pack LTL Freight onto individual pallets based on delivery location.  A well-packaged pallet provides safety from damage during transit and makes a particular package or item less likely to be forgotten or left behind.

We also have advanced logistics-specific technology and software that allows us to track each shipment through a bill of lading number, PRO number, or a unique shipment reference number.

We can complete our LTL freight shipping process in many ways. For example, a "point A to point B" system is when LTL freight is picked up from multiple locations and brought to a central consolidation point. Then, we will offload the cargo at the consolidation point, repack and deliver to a single site in a Full-Truckload, or FTL fashion.

 With LTL, your shipping possibilities are endless for fast yet affordable freight moves.

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At Ultimate Logistics, we are LTL Freight Shipping Experts.

Want the Ultimate LTL experience? At Ultimate Logistics, when it comes to LTL, we focus on efficiency and affordability. Our competitors have typical turnaround times of 3-5 days for LTL shipments. With our process, we have your products from point A to point B by the next day/2nd day in most cases. Our operations management team strategically matches your freight with pick-up and destination points to give you the quickest service at the most affordable prices. Don't want your shipment mixed with anyone else? Give us a call. We can talk to you about a dedicated process that will fit your needs.

There has never been a larger demand for express delivery, whether B2B or B2C deliveries. As a result, next-day/2nd day LTL is the most critical process for any supply chain success.

Whether getting your product to your partner retailer, fulfilling a customer order, or sending product from one of your companies' locations to another, next day/2nd day LTL is your new go-to option!

Benefits of LTL Services


Shipping freight can be expensive, especially if your trucks are running half empty. So from a Mom-and-Pop store to national retail brands, businesses of all sizes rely on LTL services to save time and money.

Benefits of LTL Services include:

  • You only pay for the cargo space you use.  The remainder of the space is paid for by other shippers.

  • You have access to shipping and LTL professionals.  As a small business owner, can rely on us for our knowledge and experience in logistics to do right by you.

  • Improve shipment security

  • Be able to track all of your freight and packages

  • Get quicker delivery times

  • Take advantage of the state-of-the-art shipping technology we utilize throughout our operations.

Contact Ultimate Logistics

Don't hesitate to get in touch with Ultimate Logistics to discuss the possibilities of our LTL freight shipping services. 

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