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We live in a world constantly on the go where speed is just as important as the quality of the services provided. At Ultimate Logistics, we are very aware of your schedule and the promises made to you from your supplier and your customers. Same Day/Next-Day Delivery is an essential part of our business, so we have the infrastructure and technology to make those promises a reality.

Ultimate Logistics Serves the NORTHEAST, Midwest, and Mid-Atlantic Regions

Are you in need of Same-day/Next-day, Point-to-Point delivery services? Ultimate Logistics has a large number of experienced drivers to provide your business with our expedited same-day delivery services. Contact us by phone or email. We will arrange for a driver to come to your location, pick up the freight and deliver it Same-day/Next-day in the Northeast, Midwest, and Mid-Atlantic regions. We are equipped to pick up your freight anywhere in the area and deliver it quickly and safely.

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Same Day/ Next Day Delivery Has Changed Online Shopping and How Businesses Operate

You need to compete in a fast-paced, demanding marketplace with increased expectations. To compete, you need to adjust your thinking and business model to adjust to today's world. For example, when you need a shipment, you don't want to wait for your delivery any more than your customers want to wait for their merchandise.

The proliferation of big-box stores and giant online retailers has reset our expectations. When shopping online, people expect to place an order and have trucks show up at their house before the end of the day. If you can't provide these essential services, your customers will find a supplier who can. The days of "hurry up and wait" are over. Instead, we are in a time of "hurry up or lose out."

We Do Not Sacrifice Quality PROFESSIONAL Service to Provide Fast Service

Our drivers are well-trained and dedicated to excellent customer service. We provide that "final mile" service you need to secure your brand's image in the eyes of your customers and suppliers.

We will contact residential customers to schedule the most convenient delivery time based on their availability. With our advanced technology, you will always know the whereabouts of your packages. We also provide help with 24/7 customer support with a dedicated support team.

We Provide Customized Services for your Specific Requirements


For both your immediate deliveries and recurring shipments, Ultimate Logistics offers customized solutions. We can fulfill your orders and deliveries on your timetable. In addition, same-day delivery services are often used for vital deliveries such as mail transport, legal documents, bio-medical samples, pharmaceuticals, bank runs, and inter-office deliveries.  

Businesses and residential customers also rely on same-day/next-day delivery for emergency repairs, critical parts, and high-value goods, such as audiovisual, furniture, or exercise equipment. 

We Have the Technology

Technology is an integral part of our business. All our couriers, drivers, and technicians are equipped with the latest tracking and dispatching hardware and software available. Our technology allows us to schedule our delivery teams in the most effective way. Technology also determines the best and fastest routes to deliver your essential package on time, every time.

Contact Ultimate Logistics

Contact us today for more information. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your business and how we can be your single source logistics and "final mile" shipping provider.

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