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  • David Marcus

Ultimate Logistics expands footprint to the Midwest with new Fort Wayne Warehouse!

It's been a tough year for a lot of people from early 2020 to present. That being said, I am grateful each and every day that my employees and staff are safe and healthy. I am especially grateful that during these very tough times, Ultimate Logistics has been fully operating and continue to grow in areas that I could have only imagined. I want to thank all on my team who have made this possible and look forward to an amazing 2021 with the new opening of our Fort Wayne Indiana warehouse. Thanks again for all of your hard work.

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Tawab Levav Yahawadah Yahsharala
Tawab Levav Yahawadah Yahsharala
09 déc. 2021

Where is my payment, you have us drivers in Fort Wayne, Indiana that have been waiting on our pay for weeks now? You are not even paying what you owe, they will have you come work for them and hold your money. STAY AWAY, IM BEHIND ON RENT, CAR PAYMENT, UTILITIES, PHONE BILL, AND ALL OTHER BILLS SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY WON'T PAY WHAT IS DUE , WHAT THEY AGREED TOO

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