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Ultimate Logistics

Thinking OUtside THE Box

Ultimate Logistics is in the business of planning trucking operations. Our dedicated team will design, implement and control the movement of goods throughout the supply chain, from transporting inventory to regional distribution centers to delivery to your retail locations or directly to the consumer. We handle all aspects of trucking, warehousing, and home delivery. Ultimate Logistics offers white-glove services with same-day or next-day deliveries with professional, uniformed, and bonded drivers who will work to maintain and enhance your companies brand image.

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Pool distribution is a form of shipping that is similar to LTL Shipping.  With pool distribution, you utilize the entire truck by combining orders.  Pool distribution extends far beyond faster and more cost-effective store replenishment for retailers.


When dealing with home delivery, the customer expects first-class service throughout the transaction. From the decision process, through purchase and final delivery, your customers want to know you are there to support and help them at all times.


LTL Freight Shipping, or less-than-truckload, is a process in which we transport less than a full truckload of freight.  The LTL freight could range from an individual parcel of almost any size to a whole pallet of goods or even multiple pallets.


E-commerce has been quickly overtaking shopping in brick and mortar stores. Ultimate Logistics offers you distribution services where you ship in bulk to our regional distribution centers and we take care of the final mile delivery for you.

Ultimate Logistics Manages Your Supply Chain

Associated initially with military supply chains, Logistics has evolved to be the term used by the business sector to describe the efficient flow of goods from the point of origin to the point of consumption.

Your supply chain is a vital aspect of your business that includes transportation, shipping, receiving, storage, inventory, and management of each function and the overall process.

Ultimate Logistics specializes in providing services for nationally recognized retailers and brand names in brand names in fashion, footwear, health products, education, books, electronics, av equipment, office, big-box retailers, manufacturers, and distributors. At Ultimate Logistics, we have many years of hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of creating logistic solutions for brand-name retailers. We make sure that we have a thorough understanding of your business, your products, and the logistical challenges you are facing. Our knowledge, combined with our logistic's experience and transportation expertise in large urban and suburban areas, enables us to provide you with the highest possible quality of Final Mile Delivery Services.


Ultimate Logistics
Empty Box Program

At Ultimate Logistics, we take the environmental impact of our business seriously.  Our Empty Box Program extends the life of the boxes you buy, which saves you money and helps the environment.

The Ultimate Logistics Empty Box Program will:

  • Save up to 75% on your cost of buying new boxes

  • Alleviate the increasing costs faced by local governments of sending recyclables to a recycling processing plant

  • Keep paper and paperboard waste out of the local landfills

Learn more about our Empty Box Program and the positive impact it has on our environments by clicking the link below.  For more information, call us at 646-797-4811.


As a logistics management company, we are as concerned about process efficiency as we are with our transportation services. Utilizing a pool distribution model, we can combine deliveries onto dedicated vehicles, streamlining your deliveries and cutting costs. Pool distribution is more efficient than traditional LTL Services and another way Ultimate Logistics can cut transportation and operating costs.

Contact us today. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your business and how we can be your single-source logistics provider. 



Same Day/Next Day Delivery


Pool Distribution




Final Mile
Home Delivery



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COVID-19 Statement

At Ultimate Logistics, we take the safety of our employees and our customers very seriously.  We are aware that the people we interact with will then interact with others including family and friends.  To help prevent the spread of this virus, including the mutated strains being seen across the country and around the world, we will continue to require that all of our drivers and employees wear masks and remain socially distant as much as possible.

This ongoing pandemic has had a major impact on our economy and on the Logistics industry all over the world.  We will do our part to ensure that our employees and anyone we interact with remains safe.  Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.  If you have any questions or concerns, please call our office at 646-797-4811.

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